Leadership is
not a title
Leadership is communication. It’s about the words you say, how you say them, and how they’re heard. It’s about reaching your audience, inspiring them, and motivating them to action. And it’s about taking the spotlight off yourself and listening. It’s a lot. We know. We can help. We’re SNP.


With expert coaching, content direction, and tailored creative work, there are plenty of ways we can help you expand your team, perfect your image, and reach a new audience.


We take high performing teams and leaders to the next level with diverse workshops that are practical, not theoretical. Learn more


We’re not therapists. We’re hands on with a point of view. A point of view rooted in 30 years of experience working with global leaders. Learn more


Just like a newsroom, content is queen. We leverage a journalistic and broadcast approach to corporate communications. Learn more


We deliver experiences. Think engaging videos, innovative podcasts, and striking graphics. Learn more


We’re always doing something new, something bold, or something interesting. Be sure to check out our latest virtual offerings, creative projects, events, and original content.


We want to make your life easier. Because we’re nice. So we’ve collected some tried-and-true resources where you can find answers to life’s biggest (communications-related) questions. 

SNP’s Hangover Cure: A Bloody Mary

If you’re pushing yourself to rise and “grind” this January, we have one message for you:...

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Energy & How to Cultivate With Your Team | Is This Mic On?

HOW DO I RE-ENERGIZE MY TEAM IN THE NEW YEAR? In this Is This Mic On? We tackle the...

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Podcast with Jesse Cotari & Peretz Partensky – Chief Scientific Officer and CEO of ImmuneBridge

On Season 4 Episode 9 of the Think Like A Founder podcast, Maureen Taylor speaks with Jesse...

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