Leadership is
not a title
Leadership is communication. It’s about the words you say, how you say them, and how they’re heard. It’s about reaching your audience, inspiring them, and motivating them to action. And it’s about taking the spotlight off yourself and listening. It’s a lot. We know. We can help. We’re SNP.


With expert coaching, content direction, and tailored creative work, there are plenty of ways we can help you expand your team, perfect your image, and reach a new audience.


The Words You Say
Content is queen. We help shape your message to ensure it's compelling and audienced focused. Learn more


How You Say Them
We take leaders to the next level with diverse workshops and individualized one-to-one sessions. Learn more


How They’re Heard
We deliver experiences. Think engaging videos, innovative podcasts, and striking graphics. Learn more


We’re always doing something new, something bold, or something interesting. Be sure to check out our latest virtual offerings, creative projects, events, and original content.


We want to make your life easier. Because we’re nice. So we’ve collected some tried-and-true resources where you can find answers to life’s biggest (communications-related) questions. 

The Rigor of Voice

“I don’t get it,” she says as we talk about thought leadership. It’s a topic that pops up...

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Leadership Voice & How to Find it | Is This Mic On

In this Is This Mic On? blog we tackle the question of “How do I find my leadership...

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Creativity and Having Conviction in Your Vision | Podcast with Daniel Saks

I believe anything can be trained and people can accomplish what they want. From my...

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